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The New Year is a great time for new beginnings, but it starts with you. The holiday season often brings lots of food and slow weight gain. Most gain 3-5 pounds. Rather than settle for the lifestyle lived at the end of 2021, begin a new lifestyle this New Year. You'll benefit in your health and overall well-being. Having daily exercise and a healthier routine can motivate you to persistently achieve your goals throughout 2022.


Sign-up for our 8 week transformation challenge now through February 7th. Starting February 7th you will receive a nutrition and body composition analysis. Participants who sign up will attend any 2 style of classes a week for 7 out of the 8 weeks. At the end of the 8 weeks a follow-up body composition analysis will determine which person had the highest percentage of body fat loss. The participant with the highest percentage of loss will win one year of membership, a month of health coaching, a month of level up, as well as a gift pack worth $150.

Existing members pay an enrollment fee of $29.50 and non-members pay a fee of $49.50. 

Have you been thinking about making exercise and good nutrition a part of your lifestyle? If so, sign up today! Want to know more? Call (870) 234-3488.

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