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Family Friendly Group Exercise Classes

We are excited to offer our group exercise classes designed for kids! Our main and ultimate focus is to combine Fitness and Fun. We hope to give kids a positive outlook on fitness that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives. 


(Highlighted classes are offered as kid friendly)


In our program we will include the following aspects to educate and improve your children's abilities.


This includes your child's overall flexibility. Flexibility is a MAJOR component in your child's athletic performance and can help prevent injuries.


Improving a child's coordination while they're young greatly helps them maintain and better their abilities as they age.


Improving your child's balance helps them perform better athletically and increases their mobility and coordination.

Classes are located at Physiques Fitness Center (1010 N Dudney Magnolia AR, 71753). The cost is $10 a kid (call or visit for more details).

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