Infinity Fitness Center offers a weekly schedule of classes for every fitness fan. Whether you want to dial up

the intensity or take a more relaxed approach, work your arms or core, we’ve got a class with a spot just for you. Create your own personalized schedule by choosing the classes that suit your needs.

Group Room Classes

Bronze & Gold Memberships


$ Ride-N-Climb

Live cycling with instructor. Bikes - must be reserved for class - $10.00 for members and $15.00 for non-members.


LesMills Bodystep Athletic

Class is basic stepping, just like walking up and down stairs. This full-body cardio workout will really tone your butt and thighs.


Feature Headline

Amp up your workout with some high energy dance moves. Dance Fitness includes music from all genres to get your feet moving and your heart-rate pumping. It's easy to follow along and when in doubt, burst out a few of your own dance moves and just have a good time.


Yoga with Krystle

Yoga an exercise discipline that includes breath control, simple relaxation and the adoption of specific bodily postures. It is widely practiced for good health and muscle strengthening and better posture.


Yoga-based workout with elements of Tai Chi and Pilates set to music. It will improve your mind, body and life.


Take time to stretch and focus on your flexibility with this short yoga-based workout and elements of Tai Chi and Pilates.

Virtual Classes
Bronze & Gold Memberships


✌Cycling workout where you control the intensity. Dial up the challenge factor to match your fitness level.


The original barbell workout for anyone looking to get lean, tones and fit - fast.

Specialty Class

Gold Membership Only


A 45-minute total body workout with the perfect combination of cardio training (treadmills and row machines) and resistance training (dumbbells, body weight, and suspension training). Within each 45 minute session your coach will provide you with constant guidance and motivation as you push yourself to intensities that will cause your body to continue to burn calories up to 48 hours post workout (EPOC - excess post exercise oxygen consumption).

The class allows a group of individuals to train together while still reaching individual health and fitness goals via real-time heart rate monitoring. Each participant will need to purchase a Polar arm band for this class.

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